Monday, 9 February 2009

Clean Water

Still waiting for a pump! 
Update, May '09 - Good news! A pump has been installed and is now supplying clean water to the whole community.

Village ladies still get most of their water from the local swamps and water holes

Local Villagers

Gogo School

School building in a sorry state of disrepair

Squeezing into every available space

Most of the school desks were burned during the war

'Blackboard' painted onto cement wall

Sum total of school books that were left after most were burned or stolen during the war

Providing some basic sports equipment

Leaky roof - rafters and tin need to be replaced

Medical Centre

Introducing new farming techniques

Adult Literacy

Teaching group of teenagers how to read and write in their own language

One on one

Newly trained literacy teachers

Having meal together with literacy teachers


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