Saturday, 6 February 2010

Progress in Gogo - Priority Number 1: Fixing up the School

With the money raised by the various sponsored events and contributions during 2009 we have started to help the people of Gogo to recover from the recent civil war in Ivory Coast.
Almost two dozens school desks have been provided for the children attending the school in Gogo. We have ordered another 15 desks, which should provide enough desks for all 136 students.
The next priority is to get the windows fixed up to protect the children from the sun and rain. After that we would like to replace the doors and parts of the rusting tin roof.
When the building is secure we would like to plaster the walls, put down new floors and get the building painted.
Gogo villagers enjoying the benefits of safe, clean water. We helped to put on the new pump.

Thank you for your help in giving the people of Gogo a fresh start.