Saturday, 1 October 2016

Wells for Gogo

Several years ago many of you gave generously to help a community in northern Ivory Coast to recover from the ravages of a long civil war. 

The money raised was used primarily to repair and refurbish the village elementary school. This encouraged local government officials to send five new school teachers, and also to build a new set of schoolrooms. There are now around 250 children attending the school. Several students have now finished Elementary/Primary school and have moved into secondary education in neighbouring towns. 

Thank you for the part you played in helping to make this happen!

A new and pressing need has arisen and we are again asking for your support.

Due to its strategic location, our village has become quite important in the region, and that has brought about an increasing population which has been putting a serious strain on the local water supply. 

During this year’s dry season (Oct '15-April '16), water became very difficult to obtain. The open well near our house dried up, and the over-used foot pump in the market area broke down leaving people, including ourselves, scrambling, especially for safe drinking water.

Clean, readily available drinking water goes a long way in preventing disease, and maintaining and improving the health and welfare of an isolated village community.

We have arranged for a well drilling crew from Friends in Action International (formerly Friends of New Tribes Mission) to come to our village in March, 2017 to drill two wells for the people. They have generously offered to do one for free, but we need to raise some finances to put towards the second one. Each well costs just less than £5000 to drill.

If you would like to participate in this vital project, or if you would like more information, please contact us at: 

Thank you so much,

Paul and Marina